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Plastic Blow Mold Round Folding Tables -PT402



Frame: Constructed of 1-3/4” blow-Molded smooth surface table top made of strong, durable

polythelyene. They are waterproof and resists moisture, stains and scratched. Fixed height of

29-1/4”. Non-marring floor glides. All legs are made of 1-1/8” Round, 18 Gauge utilized steel

frame for greater strength, Gray textured powder-coat finish, Gravity leg locks.

Available at Three Sizes:

48” dia x 29-1/4”H, fits 5-6 person   32lbs
60” dia. x 29-1/4”, fits 8-10 person   49lbs
72” dia. x 29-1/4”, fits 10-12 person 72lbs


Manual lock and sliding ring for
greater leg stability when in use

Ergonomic crosspieces for greater comfort.

Continuous digitally welded joints. Precise and indestructible Powder-coated steel. Shock-proof and damp-proof

Slip-resistant fasteners for secure stacking.


Metal structures designed to optimize the weight/resistance ratio.


Pure polyethylene, unmixed. Quality raw material with UV protection. Shock-proof. Constructed to withstand heavy loads. Suitable for outdoor use.